The Mind Clash Podcast Podcast – Episode 44: War Dec Project

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The Mind Clash Podcast Podcast – Episode 44: War Dec Project

Posted By Kael Decadence

While Meredudd is in the process of signing his life away for some house or something not EVE, Kael is joined by Claevyan and returning guests Toxic Yaken and Nikolai Mazinkov to talk about “War Decs”. All three of these guests have some experience with the game mechanic, specifically Toxic Yaken who is the man behind the keyboard for “The War Dec Project”.

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Intro is End Game by CPT Blastahoe

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Download this episode!

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Written by Kael Decadence

6 thoughts on “The Mind Clash Podcast Podcast – Episode 44: War Dec Project

  1. Toxic Yaken is merely a very untrustworthy unknown. CSM running attempts mean little, in fact diplomacy is often a means of manipulation. He has no experience as far as wars or the completely busted system that allows for a very toxic environment in eve. I speak as a 10yr players who was made a pariah, explanation will follow. I wanted to see Eve thrive, because I loved it. It is not the same game I played….
    I don’t mean to sound arrogant or of higher esteem than anyone, but I see a game dying because of certain things like blanket decs that will not stop. I have officially retired in every capacity except to watch and see if my predictions are false or true since early May.
    The coincidental inclusion of alphas and citadels roughly at the same time last year coincide nicely with a start of an extortion “pay-or-else” system. I say this because these structures have proven to be a lure for new players and are quite easy to destroy. I learned of one HS sotiyo transfer b4 I left that made me cry…it was transfer or watch explosion (wasn’t mine). No isk involved.
    What I’m saying is obvious, they are expensive and affected all the markets, from a personal perspective I noticed PI commodities, especially p4’s shot up dramatically, maybe 3 times of what they were on average.
    I did what I could as a solo entity to try to convince these new players to fight back and not surrender to basic “terrorism” on a gaming level. Code is a fine example of that no matter how many salt walls or whatever they build in defense(their silly slang terms now endeared apparently), their almost zealotry of a false idol is not healthy for anyone, Eve online especially.
    I had some success but I wanted to have fun also…I assisted all wars for free (that means I assisted against the aggressor, the ones who liked to shoot and weren’t used to people who would fight back) and bought the occasional large nullsec alliance or 2 for filler targets.
    The “mercenary” lobby(small but vocal ones and those in power) did not like I was trying to subvert their efforts, and also earn them less isk.
    We are talking talking 10’s billions in “protection” isk going to small groups on a regular basis.
    I took joy in the times I succeeded in even distracting a mutual enemy and it was worth my time if 1 person decided to subscribe hence the pariah piece…which means outcast basically.
    I learned to love this role even though some people showed no appreciation for my time. I had many “friends” turn their back on me for my decision.
    I was misunderstood by many because I could not defend myself against massive coordinated troll attacks and outright lies. The crime and punishment forums were a great example. My name is mentioned on there far too many times to be healthy.
    Many things were not true which I could not defend against. They claim I have a mental illness but I know some have an unhealthy obsession to see me off. I have a clean bill of mental health believe it or not and I don’t care the perception. I only chose to be vocal, where most decided flying under the radar was best, which I don’t blame.
    In the end I had people I was trying to help turn on me….I had machinations to make things work if everyone else wanted to change the status quo. This is not a megalomaniac talking, it’s someone who had ideas and who cared for the community’s health.
    Someone I knew was impersonating me on the new forums under an assumed name. The information I provided fooled them and it brought me joy I had won a battle. I knew I dealt with at least one issue that will make eve a better place.
    Although a character named wolfman…2003 toon was a great friend for 7-8 yrs, a certain group bought and used the information garnered from his mails (they should clear the mail cache on bought characters ffs) to invade my privacy. CCP didn’t believe I had seen my daughter linked in the Complaints Dept. Public Chat (P45) by the character NightmareX. My eyes and a bible were all that was needed, but ccp basically said I was lying with no recourse. Imagine a privacy breach like that in your life if you enjoyed privacy and anonimnity as most.
    I decided that this was the end and it’s time to leave my legacy where it is. There are some who will remember my intent. To the rest…I wont be here to listen.
    I know I’m a high sec noob station camper, but I never claimed to be a pvp’er although I had some good fights in my time.
    I am an opportunist and for my end game…I chose good morals. This is no recrimination on you to say anything of you, because I know none of you and don’t judge. I started Nov 2007 and retired May 2017, and I had a blast.
    Make sure it’s that for you also. I’m sorry that I had to build walls because I could basically trust no one. I am a family man who works as a public servant with Christian values…nothing more.
    I Wish you all good luck and fly safe.
    Ex-Holeysheet1…now just me.

    1. Ive actually known Toxic for a little over a year now. Ive flown with him on many occasions and we have been in two alliances together. I have a lot of respect for him and the depth of knowledge that he has provided me with over the time I’ve known him. To be completely honest with you, I think you are a very narcissistic person who likes to hear himself talk and it really is people like you that make EVE Online have a bad reputation. If you really are done with EVE I hope you stay gone and stop trolling my guests and means of communication for the show. We pride ourselves on being as respectful as possible, but when you come into my house and start shitting on my furniture, I’m going to kick you in the nuts and kindly ask you to get the fuck out.

    1. You’re just an idiot looking for like minds. You’re not worth further bother.
      Eve is distant history and I think you’re a moron attempting to lure me for your fanboys.
      You are fooled by the manipulators, of that there is no doubt.
      Do more podcasts no one watches or cares about.

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