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Aplikacioni eshte jo fitimprures, nuk eshtebere per qellime fitimi por thjesht per t’ju ardhur ne ndihme tegjithe atyre qe nuk kane mundesi te shikojne kanalet Shqipetare. Specifications andimages of all Android phones and tablets to help you choose yournext device. Nivoaka ny 14 septambra ny Tononkira Android misy tononkira mahery. With Tovolah app,you will experience this culture through the eyes of Malagasyartists. Paroles de chansons malgaches.

L’application « Paroles des chansons Malgaches » ou TononkiraMalagasy est une application riche de plus de mlaagasy que lesmembres de serasera. L’application »Tononkira Malagasy » n’a pas besoin de connexion internet sauf lorsde l’installation.

tononkira malagasy apk

Cette version est gratuite mais tous les moisvous devez l’activer avec un code que vous pouvez trouvergratuitement sur http: The application « Song lyrics Malagasy »or Tononkira Malagasy is a rich application of more than wordsmembers serasera.

The application »Tononkira Malagasy » does not require internet connection alk installation. This version is free but every month you needto activate it with a code that you can find free onhttp: Heriniaina Eugene Show More Sorona Masina est le Missel en malgache qui n’a pas besoind’internet. Pour le moment nous avons seulement les dimanches del’année mais nous travaillons pour avoir un missel completplus automatisé. Si vous voulez aider, nous avons besoin la copiedu missel ordinaire.

Nous avons déjà le missel des dimanches etsolennités. Sorona is Masina Missal Malagasy who mslagasy not need theinternet. At the moment we only have Sundays of but we areworking to have a more complete automated missal.

If you want help,we need a copy of the tonpnkira missal.

We already have the Missalfor Sundays and solemnities. L’application Fihirana Katolika ou cantiques catholiques malgachestente de mettre en une seule place toutes mallagasy chansons en malgachequ’on peut utiliser dans la liturgie de l’Eglise Catholique. Labase de données sera enrichie petit-à-petit. Nous essaierons depublier une nouvelle version avec des nouvelles cantiques au moinstous les trimestres. Vous pouvez aussi nous aider à enrichir labase de données. Si vous voulez supporter l’effort pour ledévéloppement, vous pouvez installer l’autre version « FihiranaKatolika Version Sponsorisée ».

tononkira malagasy apk

The Fihirana Katolika MalagasyCatholic hymns or application tries to put in one place all thesongs in Madagascar that can be used in the liturgy of the CatholicChurch.

The database will be enriched small to small. We will try torelease a new version with new songs at least every quarter. Youcan also help us to enrich the database. If you want to support theeffort for muscle building, you can install the other version »Fihirana Katolika Version Sponsored ». Ny Baiboly Masina 2. Catholic Version of the Malagasy mg Malqgasy.


This version is takenfrom the Malagasy Malagxsy of Our team made some corrections tomake it more readable.

As a Catholic translation, this Bible includethe seven deutero-canonical books which are not found in theProtestant version. Ity dikanteny ity dia nalaina avy amin’ny baiboly vitatamin’ny rehefa avy nahitsy sy namboarina hifanaraka amin’nyfomba fiteny ankehitriny. Avec l’Ancien et leNouveau testaments, il y a aussi les livres aok les textesapocryphes. With the Oldand New testaments, there are also books and apocryphal texts. Tononkira Malagasy WithoutCode 1.

Tononkira App is an application rich of a databaseof more than malagasy song lyrics from Madagascar.

télécharger tononkira malagasy gratuit (android)

You don’tneed data network to use « Tononkira Malagasy » unless for theinstallation. Je l’ai mis ici pour ceuxqui veulent m’aider pour le dévéloppement de cette application. Jevais essayer de publier plus souvent ici les mises à jour au plustard tous les mois. Avec l’app gratuit, les mises-à-jours seronttous les 3 mois. L’application Fihirana Katolika ou cantiquescatholiques malgaches tente de mettre en une seule place toutes leschansons en malgache qu’on peut utiliser dans la liturgie del’Eglise Catholique.

tononkira malagasy sans code

La base de données sera enrichiepetit-à-petit. Nous essaierons de publier une nouvelle version avecdes nouvelles cantiques au mlaagasy tous les trimestres. Vous pouvezaussi nous aider à enrichir la base de données. I put it here for those who want to help me for musclebuilding this application.

I’ll try to post here more often forupdates at least every month. With the free app, the up-to-daywill be every 3 months. The Fihirana Katolika Malagasy Catholichymns or application wpk to put in one place all the aok inMadagascar that can be used tinonkira the liturgy of the CatholicChurch.

Hira Katolika – Catholic songs 1. This is a very first version of this app to allow you to listen tosome Malagasy catholic songs from katolika. We qpk alsotry to add more songs and implement thedesign. Natao faran’izay tsotra aloha mbahahafahan’ny rehetra mampiasa azy.

Mety ho miadana sy tsy ho tongalafatra fa ezahina ny hanatsara azy amin’ny versionmanaraka. Marihina fa mila internet mandrakariva izy ity satria nyhira avy ao amin’ny site katolika. Similar Apps Show More With Tovolah app,you will experience this culture through the eyes of Malagasyartists. You will be able to listen to your favorite Malagasy song,download your favorite album or mixtape and watch exclusivecontents made by the label ‘kolotsaina mainty’ www. Watch Bhajan Video Requires Internet 3.

User can Submit their Bhajan’s for upload. Bhajans OfFamous Bhajan Singer: BhajansOrganized in Categories Like: Elle est destiné a tous lespassionnés de culture malagasy. It is intended for all lovers of Malagasy culture. Bhojpuri Video Song mlagasy. Here is the largest portal of bhojpuri video songs, here you canwatch unlimited bhojpuri, hindi and other videos from films andalbum Bhojpuri Gana all latest on Bhojpuri video song, new bhojpurivideoWe have large collection of videos ofAmrapali Dubey videoRaniChatterjee videoMonalisa videoKajal Raghwani tinonkira PanditvideoPakhi Hegde videoRinku Ghosh videoAnjana Singh videoAksharaSingh videoSeema Singh videoDisclaimer: We don’t claim right on anyfile in this application.


All the content provided in thisapplication is taken from youtube and we just recommand it to youto watch. We do not host any of these videos. All rights reservedto the content’s respective owners.

tononkira malagasy apk

Rajasthani Hit Songs 1. The best songs collection with awesome streaming that play on allmobile devicesRajasthani Hit Songs took Rajasthani videos by stormand conquered music by bringing in the fresh air of melodies thatare still maoagasy even after several yearsGet this Free App let thebeautiful songs flow through your mobile devices.

Haryanvi Jaat Status 1.

Tononkira Malagasy apk

All type stats are here: All SMS messages gathered from the web. Wedo not express any Ownership of these messages. Malagasy apps – Madagascar 2. Fast, beautiful,easy to use and up to date. Find best applicationsand games for Madagascar. Browse top apps, newapps, apps by categories, read description, ratings, seescreenshots and install apps you like the most.

Specifications andimages of all Android phones and tablets to help you choose yournext device. Powerful search, enter keyword of your interest andfind all related apps, games, news articles, phones and tablets inone place.

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